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  1. Program Validity
    • Members can book and earn points up to March 31, 2022.
    • Redemption of rewards is until May 31, 2022.
  2. Membership
    1. Application
      • Regular and bona fide company employees are eligible to join, in accordance with their internal policy and procedures on incentive programs. Membership is free.
      • Corporate bookers can apply for membership online at www.sedarewards.com or through the Seda Sales Manager/Executive handling their account.
      • Upon verification of the booker’s and company details, a confirmation of membership and membership number will be sent by email. A membership ID will also be issued.
    2. Types of Membership
      • Individual – The member will be assigned a personal account. Points will be credited to this account and the member may redeem rewards on his own.
      • Corporate – A corporate account may have up to ten (10) members. Bookings and equivalent points will be consolidated and credited to the company represented, and only one duly-authorized representative will be allowed to redeem rewards on its behalf.
    3. Membership Tiers
      • Silver – All members start at this level. They will enjoy a range of benefits and earn points for eligible room and event bookings. Accumulated points may be redeemed for a variety of rewards.
      • Gold – The member will be upgraded to this level when revenues for materialized and qualified bookings reach the equivalent of 200,000 points.
    4. Benefits
      Silver Gold
      Discount in the restaurant/s, bar and in-room dining (except Banquet Events)
      Complimentary room upgrade (subject to room availability)
      Birthday Gift
      Invitation to exclusive Member Events
      10% bonus points
      Php 3,000 dining voucher for Misto or Straight Up upon upgrade to Gold
      Exclusive reward items
    5. Individual or Corporate members will receive the same benefits according to their membership level. However, following the terms of corporate membership, only one authorized representative will receive the dining voucher once the Gold level is reached. This should be the same person authorized to redeem rewards.
    6. Cancellation of Membership
      Should the member resign from their company, membership will automatically be cancelled. Remaining points may still be redeemed for rewards within 30 days from the resignation date but points earned after will no longer be counted. The resigned member has the option to transfer any unused points to another Seda Rewards member from the same company and department, as long as they are both in agreement to do so. Points of the resigned member, however, may not be carried over to the company that he is transferring to.
  3. Points
    1. Eligible Bookings
      Members earn points from room and event bookings at any Seda hotel in the Philippines. Every Php100.00 spent is equivalent to 10 points.

      Rooms: Points are based on the room rate, exclusive of taxes and service charge. Eligible are published rates, Best Available Rates (BAR), Corporate Rates, Promotional Rates, Long-Stay and Group Rates. Bookings not made directly through Seda hotels i.e. through travel agencies, online booking sites and other third parties are not eligible to earn points.

      Events: Points are based on the Food and Beverage charges and Room Rental, exclusive of taxes and service charge.
    2. Procedure
      • The member should mention his membership number at the point of reservation (by phone or email) in order for the booking to be immediately credited. Should this information not be provided or readily available at the time, the member is allowed up to 30 days after the guest’s check-out date, to fill up the form under the CONTACT US tab on www.sedarewards.com, and choose the subject Points Clarification or Missing Points. In the message, Member should indicate the booking details including the guest’s name, check-in date and confirmation number for tracing and verification.
      • Points will be credited one week after the end of each month.
      • In case of points dispute, member can raise the concern/s to the Program Manager through the online "CONTACT US" form. The decision of the Program Manager shall be deemed final.
  4. Redemption of Rewards
    • All rewards can be viewed and redeemed at www.sedarewards.com. You may also course redemption through an authorization form that can be provided by, and which you can then endorse to, Seda’s Sales Executive who will facilitate the redemption process.
    • Reward requests are final and may not be amended or cancelled. However, if the requested item is not available, the member will be given the option to select a different item of the same value.
    • Members are encouraged to view the online catalogue regularly to check for special discounts on existing rewards or new rewards added to the regular offers.
    • Item Rewards like electronic gadgets or EGCs can either be delivered by courier to the member, or personally claimed by the member at the outlet/branch of choice. Vouchers for Seda hotel stays or dining can be printed by the member on his own. The e-voucher can be found under "MY REWARDS" of his Seda Rewards account. Prior reservation is required and e-voucher must be presented to the hotel upon redemption.
    • Last day for redeeming rewards is May 31, 2022. Unused points will not be carried over to the next membership period.
  5. Terms and Conditions
    • By enrolling in the program, the member signifies that his/her company has given its explicit approval for him/her to join and avail of the program benefits and rewards.
    • Seda Hotels reserves the right to disclose any information pertaining to the bookers and/or the program mechanics to the Management of the member’s company, if so requested.
    • Seda Hotels will not be held liable for any disputes arising from conflicts with regard to members’ respective company policies on incentives or other similar programs.
    • Seda Hotels reserves the right to discontinue the program should circumstances necessitate such.
    • Seda Rewards reserves the right to change the program mechanics, rewards structure, points conversions, benefits and other features, including its Terms and Conditions, or to terminate Seda Rewards at any time, it being understood that Seda Rewards is a perk extended to Seda Hotel’s Corporate bookers and is, by nature, an accommodation. Seda Rewards shall endeavor to take all reasonable means to provide Members with accurate and timely information regarding Seda Rewards including any changes thereof but Seda Rewards shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so. Any use of Seda Rewards by a Member will be deemed as acceptance of all the terms and conditions including any revision(s) thereof. Seda Hotels and Seda Rewards will not be liable for any loss, damage resulting from any revision(s) to Seda Rewards or to these Terms and Conditions.